Departmental Honors (DH) tracks are Advanced Scholarship tracks of Commonwealth Honors College available in most majors.  DH tracks are recommended for students who wish to undertake advanced research within their majors, especially those who intend to pursue graduate study in the discipline of their major.  Criteria for admission to and requirements for completion of Departmental Honors vary by department.

To review a department's DH track, click on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page.

Departmental Honors Advising

Each department has an Honors Program Director who approves, advises, and assists students pursuing a DH track.  If you are interested in joining the DH track, make an appointment with your Honors Program Director.


  • For students who are currently members of CHC,  your Honors Program Director may authorize your admission to the DH track by using our online notification form.
  • For students not currently members of CHC, you must apply to DH using our online application process.