Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC) is a unique program at the University of Massachusetts that offers highly motivated and self-directed students the opportunity to design their own major. As an alternative to traditional majors, the BDIC Program allows students to pursue their educational goals in areas not available within an existing departmental curriculum on campus. Students, with the help of a faculty Sponsor, focus their major and select courses on the basis of a unifying issue, topic, theme, culture, period, or question called an area of concentration.

The area of study for a BDIC concentration must be interdisciplinary, drawing from at least three fields or disciplines, and it may not duplicate an existing major. Courses may be chosen from any of the departments within the University, and from the other campuses in the Five College Consortium. Internships and Independent Studies are strongly recommended for most majors. Students are also encouraged to participate in the Domestic and International exchange programs when relevant.

Each student's program of study is developed with the advice and approval of both the student's chosen faculty Sponsor and a BDIC faculty Supervisor. Each student is assigned to one of five academic clusters in BDIC - Arts and Cultural Studies; Business and Law; Communication; Education and Human Development; Natural Health, Computer Sciences and Engineering. Each cluster has its own Supervisor.