With nearly 1,300 undergraduate students from all 28 Massachusetts public higher education institutions delivering presentations among peers and the public, this event has grown substantially over the years. Throughout the day, students exhibit not only their original research, but also their drive and effort to better understand aspects of our world. 

The conference is free and the presentations are open to the public.

MassURC organizers and sponsors take pride in supporting undergraduate student research and providing an opportunity for participants to:

  • Learn to present academic work and experiences in a formal setting 
  • Receive feedback from faculty and scholars in their field as well as their peers
  • Exchange ideas with other undergraduate scholars 
  • Enhance their resume 

We hope you will join in – as a presenter, as a faculty sponsor, or as a community guest - to learn from, be inspired by, and support undergraduate students as they discover how to share and grow in their academic pursuits.


The Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference is co-sponsored by Commonwealth Honors College at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, the Massachusetts State University Council of Presidents, and the Massachusetts Community Colleges.