These instructions provide guidance for proposing a new honors colloquium for students completing the colloquium and the root course in the same semester. Following the procedure outlined will expedite the colloquium review and approval process.

Different instructions apply if establishing an honors colloquium for students who have taken the root course and will complete the honors colloquium in a subsequent semester.


An honors colloquium is a faculty-generated, one-credit honors enrichment of a non-honors course. Concurrent honors colloquia are identified by using the standard course number with the suffix “HH” (e.g., ECON 103HH).   

  • Establishing an honors colloquium by attaching the "HH" suffix to a regular non-honors course will result in creation of a parallel course with all the lecture, discussion, and/or lab sections of the non-honors course plus an honors colloquium section.
  • Faculty submit a single grade for all components of the course, including the colloquium.
  • Students who are already enrolled in the non-honors course are required to switch from the non-honors course to the honors colloquium version.
  • Students earn the number of credits for the non-honors course plus the credit(s) for the honors colloquium (e.g., ECON 103 carries 4 credits, ECON 103HH carries 5 credits).
  • Faculty who use Blackboard Learn or Moodle will need to reactivate access for students registered in the colloquium. 

For Blackboard Learn: request that the colloquium be made a “child” of the non-honors course by contacting Continuing and Professional Education at (413) 545-0530 or

For Moodle: request contributor access using the course information for the non-honors course. In the rationale section, note “honors student(s).” [Note: The student information requested on the form can be found on the instructor’s SPIRE class roster.]

Proposing a concurrent-semester honors colloquium

Before the semester begins, use the UMass Course and Curriculum Management System to propose an honors colloquium.
After the semester starts, use the Late Added Colloquium Form to create an honors colloquium.


Log in and create proposal

  1. Log into the UMass Course and Curriculum Management System.
  2. Click Create Proposal.
  3. Scroll down to Honors Programs.
  4. Click Add an Honors Component to an Existing Course.

Provide course information

  1. Follow the directions to create your proposal. As you work, the system will guide you in filling out the required forms.
  2. Under Honors Options, choose There will be an Honors Colloquium.
  3. Make sure that you have provided all the necessary basic information for your proposal, such as proposal title, course title, and course number. This information cannot be changed after the proposal has been saved as a draft.
  4. Be sure to provide adequate information in response to the question: "Please describe the specific enrichment for students in the honors version of this course." Include expectations such as number of pages of papers; any team work, class project, or oral presentation; frequency of group meetings and meetings with the professor; expectations for research/development of research questions; kinds and amount of readings, etc.
  5. When prompted, Save as a Draft.

Complete additional forms and submit

  1. To retrieve saved proposal draft, click My To Do List and then click Edit next to the target proposal.
  2. Follow the on-screen directions to finish editing your saved proposal. You may need to complete additional forms or add attachments. You can edit and save your draft over multiple sessions spanning multiple days.
  3. You can select Withdraw Proposal if you no longer want to submit.
  4. When your proposal is ready, scroll to the Actions Section at the bottom of the proposal page and click Submit Proposal.

For help, see the Curriculum Help or Support sections of the UMass Course and Curriculum Management System.  


To establish a concurrent-semester honors colloquium after the semester has started, a Late Added Colloquium Form and its attached class roster should be submitted directly to the Commonwealth Honors College scheduling officer by campus mail, fax, or email with scanned PDF. Upon approval, the course scheduling information and roster will be submitted by CHC directly to the Registrar's office for the colloquium to be listed and for the student(s) to be enrolled on SPIRE.

Establishing a late-added colloquium for the future

After time constraints have eased, the department should submit the honors colloquium proposal through the UMass Course and Curriculum Management System. Taking this step will allow the course approval to go on record and to be referenced in the future.

Approval Process

After submission, the honors colloquium proposal is reviewed through these stages:

  1. The proposal is first reviewed by the honors program director (HPD) in your department. [NOTE: The system will show “Honors Committee: [your department’s name]."]
  2. After the HPD’s review, the proposal goes to your department chair for review/approval.
  3. It then goes to Commonwealth Honors College for approval.
  4. From Commonwealth Honors College it will go to the Registrar’s office.         

Note:  To ensure that your proposal has been properly routed to Commonwealth Honors College, view Proposal History to check the approval status. If the proposal history shows the Faculty Senate as part of the approval chain, please contact Technical Support so the proposal can be redirected to Commonwealth Honors College. Honors colloquia do not need to route through Faculty Senate approval.