Two special courses are required for all Commonwealth Honors College students: Honors 201H, Ideas That Change the World; and Honors 391AH, Topics. In combination, these courses are designed to encourage a spirit of critical inquiry and an appreciation for voices that have impacted humanity.

Honors 201H is a 4-credit honors course that also fulfills an Interdisciplinary General Education requirement. In this class, students examine the works of W.E.B Du Bois, Rachel Carson, and the film Citizen Kane (supplemented by others) and the impact these major thinkers had on the world. This course is broken down into four units focused around one common text (book, work of art, film, performance, etc.). Honors 201H is intended to challenge students to think critically about our world and the profound ideas that shaped it. A close connection is maintained in the course between the concept of the historical innovator and the concept of the student as potential creator. 

This course addresses questions such as

  1. Why do some ideas become influential?
  2. What social conditions tend to foster creative thinking?
  3. Under what circumstances can creativity transform societies?
  4. Across disciplines, what do innovators have in common?

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