Outstanding. That's what our students are. That's what our community is. The new award-winning Honors Residential Community is a place for all of our students to call home, no matter where they reside. Students enter Commonwealth Honors College with strong academic backgrounds. They leave as scholars with confidence, experience, and preparation for success.

In honors classrooms, the ideas fly and the conversations flow. By design, class size is small so that students get the chance to explore topics and concepts in depth.Our community values outstanding academic performance, encourages deep intellectual curiosity, and fosters diversity and inclusion.


Welcome to Commonwealth Honors College! This academic journey promises to be an exciting one for us all.


Do you have an outstanding academic record? Are you ready for the challenge of honors work? Do you want to research a topic in depth? Take the next step to join CHC.


When you visit the UMass Amherst campus, schedule time to explore Commonwealth Honors College and speak with a student ambassador.


Your gateway to scholarships, fellowships, and awards.


If you're prepared for the challenge of honors coursework, and are ready to join a community of scholars, Commonwealth Honors College may be right for you.

Admission to the university is handled by the Undergraduate Admissions Office. If you have any questions, check out admissions FAQs or call our outreach staff at (413) 577-2610.