Good Standing


To remain in good standing in Commonwealth Honors College (CHC), students must:

  • maintain minimum cumulative GPAs of 3.400
  • make progress towards fulfilling CHC curriculum requirements as evidenced by completion of appropriate honors coursework
    • Note: Students must earn grades of B or higher in all honors courses intended to fulfill CHC curriculum requirements, including the root courses affiliated with 1-credit, add-on honors independent studies and colloquia. Important: Gateway courses may not be used in fulfilment of honors curriculum requirements as they are freestanding 1-credit courses intended for professional development only
  • comply with the University's "Code of Student Conduct"

Students in Good Standing with CHC are eligible to apply for housing in the CHC Residential Community (CHCRC) for the following year and may apply for competitive honors scholarships and grants in addition to receiving other benefits.



Students are advised to

  • meet with CHC advisors for individual advising sessions during their first semesters, and at least once each year thereafter, for close reviews of their progress towards completion of CHC requirements
  • abide by the expectations outlined in the CHC Contract, including reading all CHC email and reviewing the required web pages and carefully.  Students receive copies of their CHC Contracts via email during their orientations to CHC (copies are kept in students' CHC folders in the Bloom Honors Advising Center as well)

Honors students will be put on academic warning for one semester if their cumulative GPA drops below 3.400 (but is at least 3.000) and are expected to meet with CHC advisors regarding their continuance in CHC. Students on academic warning will still have access to many CHC benefits such as honors courses, advising, and student programs. Eligibility to apply to live in CHCRC for the following year, however, is contingent upon developing plans with CHC advisors for regaining good standing in CHC. Failure to see a CHC advisor in the Bloom Honors Advising Center of the CHC building will result in a student's ineligibility to apply to live in CHCRC.

If after one semester or more on academic warning students

  • raise their cumulative GPAs back up to the required 3.400, they will return to good standing
  • complete the next semester with semester GPAs of 3.400 or higher but are unable to raise their cumulative GPAs to 3.400 (yet it is still numerically possible to raise their cumulative GPAs to 3.400s by their intended graduation dates) and the students wish to remain in CHC, they may meet with CHC advisors about remaining on academic warning
  • do not raise their cumulative GPAs to 3.400 nor have semester GPAs at or above 3.400, they will be withdrawn from CHC

Honors students will be withdrawn from CHC if they

  • earn semester GPAs lower than 3.000 in their first semesters of CHC membership or overall GPAs of less than 3.000 thereafter
  • do not raise their cumulative GPAs to the required 3.400 after a semester on academic warning and have not met with CHC advisors to arrange continuance on academic warning (see CHC Academic Warning Policy above)

Honors students may be withdrawn from CHC if they are inactive (or appear to be inactive) in CHC.  Reasons include

  • not making sufficient progress towards fulfilling CHC requirements
  • not meeting with CHC advisors, especially regarding issues of progress and low GPAs

We understand that sometimes there are legitimate reasons why students may not be able to earn or maintain 3.400 cumulative GPAs.  If there are extenuating circumstances (e.g., health issues, illness or death of a close family member, financial difficulties) that have had an impact on their academic performances, students may appeal for an additional semester on academic warning.   Students who wish to appeal their withdrawal from CHC should collect their thoughts, gather any appropriate documentation, and schedule an appointment with the Assistant Dean of CHC, Dean Cory Pols, by sending an email to with "Appeal Appointment" in the subject line. Dean Pols will review appeals for reinstatement and refer cases to the Academic Standards Committee of the Commonwealth Honors Council as needed.



When their cumulative GPAs have risen to the required 3.400 for Good Standing, students may request reinstatement in CHC by meeting with CHC advisors in the Bloom Honors Advising Center, CHC Building, 413-545-2483.