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UMass Amherst tenure-system faculty, senior lecturers, and lecturers are invited to apply to teach an Honors 391AH seminar.  For more information about teaching the Honors Seminar, please see instructor resources.

Application Deadlines

Apply by November 9, 2018, to teach in fall 2019
Apply by May 17, 2019, to teach in spring 2020
Apply by November 9, 2019, to teach in fall 2020


1 Start 2 Application Review 3 Complete

Instructor Applicant Information

8-digit campus ID number

Department and Rank

Indicate your rank as an instructor on campus. If "other" please explain in the notes section.

Proposed Course Information

Please provide a detailed description of the course (200 words maximum) that students can use when make course selections.

Preferred Teaching Times

Seminar classes meet once each week and fit into the standard class meeting timeframes. Please rank your TOP FIVE preferred teaching times, choosing at least two on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday and at least two from Tuesday or Thursday. Your preferences will be used to set your class meeting time for the semester. You will be notified by Commonwealth Honors College staff indicating your course section number and meeting time.



Department Head/Chair Certification

Please ensure that your department head/chair is aware of this course proposal and any impact on teaching load.

Application Certification