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(co-authored by Marie MacCune, Matthew Hlady, and Hannah Depin)

It's Finals Week, and that means it's time to start getting serious about papers, presentations and exams. If you've been studying hard all semester, good for you! If are the five deals we'll be making with the devil to try to get through this week. 

1. I will name my first-born child after great Aunt Petunia if this 4 page single-spaced paper becomes 15 pages once I click double-space.

2. I will never skip again if my professor cancels the last day of class so that I can prep my project presentation (or you know, sleep).

3. I will attend every extra credit session ever offered if my TA rounds my 83.9 to a 90.

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4. I will never again use my studying time to watch Netflix if I can get my laptop to connect to Eduroam right now.

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5. Next semester, I will start studying earlier if I can please just memorize all this before the exams. 

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