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Ryan’s Question: Would you say people are more passionate in college rather than high school?

Amberly’s Answer: Oh, definitely. I think there’s a noticeable difference, for sure. I think a part of it is that in high school, everyone’s so busy trying to get into college, you know? Especially what their parents and general society think of as a “good college.” Sure, there are people who do sports for the fun of it, or choir or theater or newspaper or whatever they so choose, but at least in our high school, college always seemed to be in mind.

Plus, there were all those hours of homework in high school that teachers just kept plowing on day after day. There wasn’t a lot of time to be passionate, or figure out what you were passionate about.

Meanwhile, you have college, where you – in an ideal world, at least – discover yourself and figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. You can choose any classes you want to take (even within the GenEd requirements) and that in and of itself makes students at college more passionate than at high school.

You can also drop a class for up to two weeks at the beginning of the semester if you don’t like it, and you have up until the mid-semester date to make it pass/fail – which takes even more pressure off you, if the semester seems to go less optimally than you originally thought it would.

It goes beyond classes, though. The extracurricular activities here, Ryan – the RSOs as they’re called – are filled with people who actually want to be there (like me, up there with the Starmites cast). Granted, there’s still some people who are there because they think it will look good on a resume. There’ll always be people like that, especially because people mark the success of college on the job you get placed in afterwards.

But the thing is, there are more options here than there ever was in high school. There are so many options, so many opportunities, and that leads to you finding people who are more passionate in college than you would in high school.

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