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Ryan’s Question: Do you ever get tired of people on such a populated campus like UMass?

Amberly’s Answer: My initial answer to this was no, I don’t. A big reason I came to UMass, after all, instead of a small liberal arts college such as Amherst College or Smith, was because it was so populated.

Not to say that there’s anything bad about Amherst College or Smith — both are great schools! But after growing up in a small town, I wanted something different. As I followed the tour guide around the UMass campus, it felt as if I was in a small city, and with that, I made my decision. It was different.

After a year and a half at UMass, though, I will admit that sometimes one does get tired of people every once in a while. You’re never truly alone with your thoughts and just your thoughts. Even in the quiet study floors of the library, there are other people around.

So how does one go about remedying this issue?

One solution could be getting a single room instead of double, to ensure one spot in campus that is definitively yours and no one else’s. However, it costs an extra thousand or so to get one of those, and not everybody can afford that.

If that’s the case, there are plenty of random nooks that most of the student body doesn’t typically go to. A place that I love to go to is Durfee Conservatory, which is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and seeing the plants and the koi fish. There are some courtyards by Durfee and between the buildings in Morrill if you want somewhere actually outside.

It isn’t the easiest task in the world to be alone at UMass. In a way, though, it’s only made me more appreciative of my space at home, back in the small town I was so eager to leave once upon a time: a place where I can decompress from the stresses in school in peace.

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