Last spring, I had an idea for a story that would be my most ambitious creative writing project to date. It started with a few characters I had developed for various roleplaying games. With a little reimagination, and some inspiration from sources like Dungeons & Dragons, The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, and The Avengers, The 9 to 5 Adventurer Project was born.


What is the 9 to 5 Adventurer Project? It’s a creative writing experiment that combines the YA medieval “fantasy” genre with the episodic structure of TV shows, comics, and 19th century literature. I write stories set in the fictional country of Ralenor, then release them in weekly online installments. The first set went live on Sunday, January 26.


The first phase of the project follows the individual stories of five adventurers—assassin, thief, warrior, alchemist, and healer—as they battle (some quite literally) through a life plagued with war, poverty, and corruption. These stories emerge over a period of ten weeks. After the first ten weeks, much like The Avengers, these individual stories converge into one story, where these five join together to form a D&D-style adventuring party and continue their journey.


Apart from their roles in the adventure, these characters have their own diverse array of obstacles. There’s Kendra, the assassin, who must cope with life in the slums. We have Britney, the thief, who must fulfill the expectations of power-hungry noble parents. Then there’s Marcellus, the warrior, who is confronted with the decision of doing what he believes to be right or honoring his father’s dying wish. And of course, there’s Oscar and Lana, the alchemist and healer, who struggle with social conventions and married life. Even though their stories stand on their own, many of the characters will interact across narratives, building toward that final meeting.


It’s been quite a process to get this project up and running. Between writing, revising, building the website, revising, doing the artwork for the site, revising, promoting it on social media, and revising, it’s been nearly a full year from inception to launch. Since this is my last and busiest semester and this project is not school-related, it’s been difficult to make time for it. But as long as there’s at least one person out there who is reading and enjoying the stories I’m writing, it’s worth the effort.

Interested? Then come meet the adventurers at

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