The news since Election Day has been dominated by musings about what kind of outcomes the Midterms could lead to. It’s been hard to address this question when two races still haven’t been called (for governors in Georgia and Florida), but even with the uncertainty, there's a lot of material to spectate off of. 

There was a lot of cool action on campus leading up to the election. The #Yeson3 campaign was holding phone banks and campaigning around campus. Christine Hallquist and Danica Roem visited to talk at a transgender rights protection rally. The UMass Democrats offered free rides to the polls for students registered in Amherst and canvased for Antonio Delgado and made calls for democrats across the country. The UMass Republicans did similar things, such as a phone bank and canvassing around Amherst. I’m sure other groups around campus did similar things that I just don’t know about. The political science department and the Phi Sigma Alpha (the political science honors society) put on a viewing of the midterms and will hold a follow up discussion next week.

I volunteered with the #Yeson3 campaign for three days during the week leading up to the election and I made phone calls across the state. I talked to students one day and the other day I talked to people who are likely to vote no on ballot question 3. The second round of phone calls was much harder and people wanted nothing to do with me. It was an hour of getting hung up on and yelled at and the end of it reminded me that I forget so easily at this college how many people do not hold the same views as me. The election was another reminder of that. Regardless of how you view the outcome, the divide between Republicans and Democrats was harsh and evident. Especially in the president’s responses to the wins. Everyone has different opinions on what it means for the 2020 election. Some people are saying that because the democrats had a big turnout and competitive elections in places like Florida and Texas, they have a better shot at winning even bigger in 2020. Other people are saying the fact that they lost shows how dedicated Trump’s supporters are and how committed they will be to him in 2020.

Some cool reading about the outcomes:



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