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I don't know about you, but I am feeling overwhelmed by the internship process. The April 1st deadline for many of my applications is quickly approaching and that leaves the end of March to be a spectacularly busy one. Sometimes, I look at my Excel spreadsheet and realize I can't meet all the deadlines. In my Excel sheet, I have developed a system to highlight the internships I applied to in green, applications in progress in yellow, and internships with passed deadlines in red. There are just so many opportunities and it's not humanly possible to apply for them all. Not to mention the fact, many companies don't contact you unless your are accepted...So, you could be waiting for a call that never comes. In the meantime, the only thing you can do in that position of uncertainty more research and apply to more internships! 


Amidst all the feelings and self-reflection that come along with the internship process (including applying, interviewing, receiving an offer, etc.), I try to constantly remind myself of the following:


Set reasonable goals and take care of yourself.


Do your best and that's all the matters.


You have something of value to bring to the table.


Don't be afraid to share your story and state your interest. 


Apply to as many places as you can and see what sticks.


Treat yourself. You deserve it.


Lastly, I rewatched this TEDTalk over break and it was about body language. Body language is key and can greatly impact your success in the internship process and life in general. Amy Cuddy's main message was, "Fake it until you become it." I like this line because it really speaks to me. As you push outside of your comfort zone, applying to new and different things, you often "fake" or present your ideal self/who you'd like to be. I don't see this as a fraudulent process, but rather it's one of self-growth. I definitely recommend watching the video for helpful body language tips and power poses. Embrace your inner Superman or Superwoman.

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