A cappella music always amazes me. There’s something magical about the blending of voices into sounds and harmonies. I appreciate many types of a cappella music but my favorite is pop music revisited. In my opinion, tired and overplayed pop songs are revived and reinvigorated when remixed and performed by a cappella professionals.


Pentatonix is my favorite a cappella group. They won the third season of the Sing Off on NBC in 2011. Look them up on YouTube if you aren’t familiar with them already--they are absolutely incredible at what they do! I could listen to their songs all day, everyday.


There are many talented singers at UMass and the a cappella groups on campus aren't too difficult to find. So, if you are looking to be entertained and amazed a cappella shows are for you! A cappella shows that I've attended at UMass are typically packed with fellow student fans; there is usually lots of singing, dancing, a bit of romancing with the audience…along with some humor, what's not to love?


In no particular order, I have listed some of my favorite UMass a cappella groups. I encourage you to like them all on facebook and go to one of their shows (I've linked their group names to their Facebook pages)! Halloween is just around the corner and a cappella is a sweet way to start your evening plans and celebrate the holiday with friends.


I’ve listed the dates and times of the free upcoming performances that I am aware of:


Wicked Pitch 




Doo Wop Shop 





S#arp Attitude


See above. They are performing with Doo Wop Shop!

See below. They are performing with Vocal Suspects!



Vocal Suspects


The Vocal Suspects Holla-ween Concert feat. S#arp Attitude & Doo Wop Shop! Thursday, October 30 at 6:30pm, Herter room TBA. More info here.

UMass Dynamics




>>>Comment with your favorite UMass a cappella group!<<<


Looking to get in touch with an a cappella group to come visit the middle school I am a music teacher at. I started an a cappella group and would love for one of the groups at UMASS to come do a presentation/ masterclass during a Saturday school session. thank you ! Melissa Munafo (STEM Middle Academy, Springfield MA)


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