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Both of my brothers have always had a talent for sports, while I was more of a coloring, tea party-planning kind of kid. My family still teases me about the time in kindergarten I came home from tee-ball practice on the verge of tears, furious because “all we ever do at that place is play tee-ball!”


Still, my family’s love for sports has always inspired me to try new things. Last November, when my brother Tim announced he was running the Boston Marathon in April, I was ecstatic and really proud. And then, suddenly, I was spurred into action. I decided that if my older brother was going to take on this huge challenge and run a marathon, then I at least had to be able to run a half marathon. The thought of 13.1 consecutive miles absolutely terrifies me, but fortunately, UMass has a running club, fitness classes, and a great rec center that’s right across from CHC.


(The Nike Running App reminds me to run with inspiring but sometimes snarky messages.)


But here’s my real motivator: the food.


In researching running and reading health and wellness blogs, I’ve stumbled across a number of new recipes that I can’t wait to try. According to the BBC, the best meals to eat after running have a good balance of protein and carbohydrates. They suggest interesting recipes like salmon and chive bagels, yogurt parfaits with berries and granola, and open faced mackerel sandwiches with fennel slaw. Who knew runners ate so well?


If you're a runner or just interested in healthy eating, here are three simple recipes that you can make right in your dorm room.


“Homemade” Greek Yogurt

Flavored yogurt, even the “healthy” Greek kind, often has a lot of sugar. Instead, add a half of a lime and a teaspoon of pure maple syrup to a cup of plain Greek yogurt. It’s flavorful and much, much better for you. 


Hummus with Carrot Sticks and Celery

I’ve really been missing my food processor lately. Living without a kitchen, I mostly eat store bought hummus these days, but if you’re able to make your own, here’s the best hummus recipe from one of my favorite cooks.


Apple Cinnamon and Peanut Butter Rice Cakes

Peanut butter on rice cakes is a classic snack, but a dash of cinnamon-sugar and thin slices of apple on top make it even better.

My own goals aside, I can’t wait to see my brother run the marathon in a few months. You can do this, Tim! I’ll be there to cheer for you on April 18--with plenty of snacks, of course.


Wow! Such great recipes!! Go Tim!!


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