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Want to make your Tuesday a whole lot better? Put down your homework and drive far, far away from it.


I’m serious. On a cold, rainy, and all-around kind of miserable Tuesday last November, my friends and I dropped everything at 8 p.m. and drove to Northampton in search of coffee, hot chocolate and desserts. We ended up at The Roost, a cozy cafe with a sprawling menu and shelves upon shelves of board games.


 Emily ordered a pot of tea, Sarah and Tara ordered hot chocolate with whipped cream, and Alicia ordered a chocolate milkshake. We decided to share chocolate chip, sugar, and pumpkin cookies, which were outstanding. Someday, I’d love to go back and try out their sandwiches and salads.


As great as all the food was, the best part had to be the board games. We took out Operation (unfortunately missing some pieces), Mille Bornes, and Trivial Pursuit. The place was lively and busy, and it was fun to see the people at tables next to us playing cards and Jenga, too. It was such a fun and unexpected departure from the usual Tuesday routine. Even though we had some homework to catch up on, taking that pause in the middle of the week seemed to make the second half a little more manageable.


So if you have even an hour of spare time (which is harder to come by at the end of the semester, I know!) eat some cookies and play some games. I can’t recommend it enough. 

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