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It took me a little while to discover student run businesses at UMass, but I'm so glad I did. There are seven of them, completely staffed and run by students, ranging from the bike co-op in the student union, to Earth Foods where you can get healthy lunches, to Sweets and More, where you can get ice cream sundaes. 

Which student-run business did I try out first? Sweets and More, of course!

Sweets and More is a student-run business in Field Hall in the Orchard Hill residential area, open 8 p.m. through midnight, Monday through Thursday. You can sit at the tables in the brightly-painted cafe area, or play foosball in the lounge outside. If you’re not a Field Hall resident, though, be prepared for a wait. You'll have to stand outside until someone opens the door, and then sign in with the security guard. It’s a long, up-hill hike to Sweets and More from CHCRC, but the ice cream, cookies, and specialty milkshakes are totally worth it. (I’d recommend the coffee ice cream sundae with oreos and hot fudge.)

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