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(Co-authored by Marie MacCune, Emily Esten, and Hannah Depin)


1. Excitement: The semester is almost over, the weather is warmer and you’ve been keeping ahead of all your assignments. You’ve got this. 

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2. Reality Check: Warmer weather means less time indoors studying. You quickly make a to-do list each day until the end of finals. 50 pages worth of papers in 4 days? You’re worried. 

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3. Creative procrastination: As the work piles up, your motivation starts to decrease and you’ll do just about anything to avoid homework. Organize your closet? Sure! Call your parents for the first time in weeks? Of course! Suddenly cleaning and doing laundry doesn’t sound so bad, either. 


4. Grade calculations: You start using up your studying time calculating your grade and trying to figure out how much you really have to prepare for that final. “I could get a 70 on this exam and still get an A- in the class, so….” 


5. Exhaustion: What day is it? What’s the year? Did you just put orange juice in your cereal? Do you care? You keep reminding yourself that sleep is for the weak, but then again... you feel pretty weak. 

6. Spontaneous crying: Because of the exhaustion, everything from essay writing to contemplating your future career to missing the B43 bus can bring you to tears at a moment’s notice.


7. Acceptance: After pulling all-nighters and writing 50+ pages, you don’t even care if the paper is good. If it’s written, it’s done. And if it’s done, you’re done. 


8. Celebration?: You’re done for the semester!!! With just enough time to...pack up and go home. 



Yeah you are totally right when our finals exam start and we don't prefer for that don't understand how to do but after completed semester they Celebration and miss all think which was spend.


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