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Co-authored by Jessica Gindelsky and Matthew Hlady.

If you read last year's post, you might remember some of the spookiest phrases students can hear. This year, we thought of 10 more, to really get us into the Halloween spirit. 

1. "Eduroam is down." (This one was so spooky we had to include it again.) 

 work parks and recreation computer technology ron swanson GIF

2. "Applications for this job are no longer being accepted." 

 reaction dog wow what mrw GIF

3. "Your Netflix account is currently unavailable." 

 tv no scared awkward the office GIF

4. "Your bank account is overdrawn. Credit card declined."

  dog card credit credit card GIF

5. While in line at Blue Wall: "Sorry, but you actually don't have any dining dollars or YCMPs left."

 reaction black mrw nervous raven GIF

6. While on the bus trying to make it to a flight on time: "We have more traffic than usual; We'll be delayed coming into the station."

 upset frustrated michael scott worst unhappy GIF

7. Trying to book a last-minute ticket home: "No tickets available at that time" or "Sold out." 

 disney cartoons & comics frustrated max sigh GIF

8. Foot of snow on the ground: "The exam will proceed as scheduled."

 happy cute dog animals snow GIF

9. SPIRE during class registration or room selection: “Due to a high volume of traffic, we cannot process your request at this time.”

 tv gif meme black memes GIF

10. "What are you going to do after college?"

 seinfeld idk shrug unsure i dont know GIF



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