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Hello, all. We are now finishing our 7th week of the semester. How is it possible that the 6 weeks that have already gone by feel as though they've lasted 3 months? 

This week, nothing is going into my savings account. The money I was planning to put towards the fund was used when I bought myself another plane ticket — I hadn't realized we would need to take an additional flight while in Spain, but we do need to and this is exactly what the fund was supposed to be for — unforseen travel expenses. I guess I'm just spending it a little earlier than I thought I would. Maybe next week I'll be able to budget well enough to put $100 into the account. 

So we are in the midst of midterm season, once more. Last week I talked about appreciating scenery around me and scheduling some time to just relax during the weekend. I did just that. A friend and I went apple picking and then spent the afternoon baking apple flavored desserts — apple crisp, applesauce,  and we even tried to make apple chips. Fresh made doughnuts, homemade cider, and apple crisp were great to have as I appreciated my opportunity to have a day off from the rapid pace of school. The crisp turned out absolutely delicious, and we ate it all within 24 hours. 

A little while ago I mentioned that I would be traveling soon. Next Friday, I am headed to the Midwest, and I am excited! Just as my trip to D.C. this past spring required planning of my finances, so does this trip coming up. St. Louis generally has cheaper prices than D.C. for many things — food included — so I think I'm budgeting about $50 extra for my trip there — just in case I need to buy something last minute or if I find some gifts that I want to bring back for family and friends. 

I hope you all are having a manageable and wonderful week! 

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