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Hello, all. 

As you may know from my recent blog posts, I was in St. Louis this past weekend. I have great news to report; of the $50 I had budgeted to spend while in the Midwest, I only spent $10 - and that was for snacks for the plane. I am really happy about this. 

Temperatures in St. Louis were actually colder last weekend than in Boston - an unusual occurence since St. Louis is southwest of Boston. The weekend was truly excellent - full of delicious food, time with wonderful people, and lots of fun. For those of you who haven't already been there, I would recommend a trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The gardens there are truly beautiful and some of the most impressive gardens I've ever seen. It's a great place to stroll in sunny weather and relax among nature. There are plenty of benches and plenty of varities of flowers. Fortunately, even though it was cold there, it wasn't raining, which was good news for us. 

This upcoming weekend I am traveling again. I'll still be in New England, and I'm excited to see that temperatures will be in the high 50s and low 60s. The city I'm visiting is much more expensive than St. Louis so I'll put the remaining $40 into the budget for this weekend - and then an extra $50. I'm planning on getting dinner with friends, so it'll probably be pretty expensive and I want to make sure I leave enough room in my budget for any unexpected costs. I'm pretty excited to see my friends, and it'll be a fun weekend away. 

I like doing all this travel, but I'm also cheered by the fact that Thanksgiving is coming up soon and I get to go home for some very, very delicious home-cooked food. I especially like all the side dishes my family and I prepare for Thanksgiving (especially cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes), and I think this year especially I have a lot to be grateful for. Thanksgiving is my favorite part of the fall season, and I am definitely going to catch up on shows (and homework) during the week-long break. 

I hope you all have a good weekend, too! 

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