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You’ve probably heard half a million singers and poets say that they’d die for their significant other. Thing is, with some rare exceptions, there’s almost never a need to catch a grenade for someone or otherwise jeopardize your safety, no matter what Bruno Mars says.

Between watching my parents and analyzing my own failings in my short-lived relationships, I’ve finally realized that love and romance in general aren’t about big, life-changing moments. There aren’t going to be many times when your boyfriend loses their father or your girlfriend ends up in the hospital. At least, I’d hope not.

Yeah, you should absolutely be there for them if and when disaster strikes, but if you’re like me and waiting for a huge chance to prove your affections to someone, then you’ve got it all wrong.

The moments when you really prove yourself come every day.

They’re when my mother has a rough day at work and Father makes her a margarita for when she comes home. They’re when your girlfriend is stressed about a test and you bring her mac and cheese then build a blanket fort to study and cuddle in. They’re when you see your boyfriend from across the street and run over to peck them on the cheek before heading to class.

Just the favors you do—the little signs of affection that you can give without hope for compensation—count for twelve Hollywood romances any day.

Makes me glad to see that some people around me have already got it down to second nature.

Song of the Week: “All The Small Things” by blink-182
Need I explain?

Warning: Some mild sexual content and lots of mocking our childhood boy bands.

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