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I spent about five hours playing Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday. Normally, when Saturday hits I’m completely wiped after the week and partying on Friday night. I often sleep until 11 A.M., maybe noon, then try to do some reading for Monday, typically fail, and spend the rest of the day and evening recovering, hitting the gym, and pretty much not thinking.

The Dungeons and Dragons session, however, dragged me out of bed at 11 A.M., no dawdling or dozing, and compelled me to be awake. That by itself was a victory. Furthermore, when I actually rendezvoused with my friends, I got to play a game.

After laughing, joking, cursing (verbally and magically), and pretending to be someone else for half the day, I went back to the dorm in high spirits, though expecting the day to have otherwise been wasted.


I got back and, almost on a whim, I decided to pick up one of my textbooks and at least try reading in the lounge.

Lo and behold, I sat there for three hours and blew through most of my assignment!

Upon reflection, I realized that it was Dungeons and Dragons that had given me the mindset to work.

Now, as much as I would love other nerds to play the game with, D&D isn’t the vital ingredient to a (pseudo) productive Saturday. The key is that I had a fun engagement with other people that pulled me out of bed and got me awake and mentally active.

My advice, thus, is that you should arrange to have some sort of game or other fun activity arranged with your friends for, say, noon or 1 P.M. on Saturday. Even if it’s just hanging out or meeting for lunch, the conversation and repartee should engage your mind enough to prepare you for work later on in the day or evening!

Saturdays are definitely for rest. The majority of us are familiar with the Sunday crunch and treating Saturday as our chance for decompression. However, although it took until my junior year to discover it, Saturday can be productive, restful, and fun. That, in turn, took some pressure off of my Sunday load and improved the weekend as a whole.

So, find some friends, set up a Saturday social, and do everything that you want AND everything you should on your Saturday!

Song of the Week: “Saturday” by Fall Out Boy, thematically, has little to do with what I’m talking about and it’s one of their earliest songs, so you can hear the lack of musical sophistication, but the lyrics are fun.

And, no, I have no clue what the video is supposed to be about.

Enjoy the week!



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