Love, The Old Man: The Best Laid Plans

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For those of you who haven’t quite made it to UMass yet, we just had our Blarney weekend. While the university does not technically recognize the event, the students around here get very … enthusiastic about it.

Let’s just say that, because St. Patrick’s day happens during spring break, we have our own (minimum of one) day of debauchery here in lieu of the usual shamrock-filled festivities. It's a campus tradition, I guess.

While immensely popular, this sort of event happens during the day, when I tend to get my work done and enjoy some quiet to focus. Therefore, Blarney isn’t exactly my cup of tea.


See, I had planned on helping out at my fraternity for a little bit on Saturday morning, making sure that random people didn’t wander into the house where a few brothers live and have get-togethers. I did my duty, read a bit of a textbook, and went back inside to get warm before heading back to campus to do some work for midterms.

Except that the moment I went inside, a brother found me, thanked me for the work, and rewarded my diligence by including me in some of the festivities. “Ah, what the heck?” I thought. “Just one drink won’t make me useless for the day. Been 21 years old for a while now.”

The drink was nice, but the company was nicer; I ended up staying there most of the day.

My parents have told me time and again that I should make contingency plans for eventualities such as this. “Life has a way of sneaking up on you and squirreling your plans.” Yeah, I really should’ve remembered that one on Saturday…

Anyhow, moral of the story is that in case there’s the possibility that you might get sucked into something that will drain your time, you should really have a plan B if you decide to let loose for a bit.

Otherwise, you’ll end up like me: Writing a blog at 1 A.M. and wondering how to finish the paper you have due tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend! Good luck on midterms, folks!

Song of the Week: The first song that came to mind was “Young, Wild, & Free,” but then it occurred to me that the school might not appreciate the lyrics so much.

Instead, I present “Here’s To Us” by Halestorm. Mind you, there are still some expletives in here. Welcome to college, I guess?

Also, while the music video is fun, the guest version of the song is better musically, in my opinion. Might be worth checking out!


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