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Spring has sprung! I thought we’d hit it a few weeks ago when people were walking around in tank tops and napping out on the grass, but nature decided to crush our hopes, dreams, and newly planted daffodils by dumping about five inches of snow on us.

In April.

But, hey! The sun’s out and we get to enjoy the glory of our campus! Look at the beautiful trees! The green grass! The budding flowers! The backhoe tearing up Morrill! The clear sky! The campus pond that could count as a biohazard! The rolling hills!

Listen to the chirping of the birds! The laughter of college students! The incessant banging of jackhammers and other power tools!

Long story short: If you want to enjoy UMass to its fullest, you have to come in expecting that there is no peace and quiet on the majority of campus. If you want to relax outside, away from the constant construction, then you have to either go to Orchard Hill, except everyone else and the stoners have the same idea, or you have to go off campus, which is a major pain if you just want to chill out for a few minutes.

You might sometimes wake up to bulldozers and nail guns and think for a moment that you’re in the middle of World War I. The terror passes soon, though. Besides, you should be getting up for classes anyhow, right?

Toward the end of the day, however, once the workers pack up and the din of building dies, UMass regains some of its splendor. Yes, the torn landscape mars the picture a little, but it’s easy enough to look past it. You just have to expect that the main pathways and roads are always under renovations, and I mean ALWAYS.

Just wait for the day to end. It will happen and quiet will spread over campus like a lulling mist and you can get the relaxation you deserve.

That is, until the weekend hits and the parties start, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Song of the Week: “Un Alma Mas” by Josh Groban. It’s got nothing to do with this theme, but it’s a beautiful song, so I’m posting it!

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