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I am one of those fortunate souls who does not have class on Fridays and thus has a three day weekend every week. Usually it just means that Fridays are quiet and productive (or at least should be), Saturdays are a wild card, and then Sundays are the usual crunch day.

So when we had a snow day on Thursday, I thought I could allow myself a little extra time to goof off. Besides, my parents keep telling me to take it easy on occasion, so why not listen to them for once in my life?

Well, “a little extra time” turned out to be the whole day and night.

I think I read all of twenty-three pages in my textbook. Whoopie.

“Well,” I thought, “Friday’ll be fine, right?”


I had forgotten about my commitments that held me all day AND night on Friday.

Saturday? Ha! I didn’t even wake up until noon.

Now here I am, Sunday night, and, well, let’s just say I’ve got my work cut out for me.

So I’m going to reiterate what every junior-high teacher ever has said, both for your sakes and because it doesn’t seem to have gotten through my thick skull yet:

  • Pace yourself
  • Stick to a schedule
  • Try to get ahead. You’ll appreciate it later.

Yeah yeah, I sound like a dad. Whatever. The point still remains:

Don’t repeat my mistake and find yourself working until 3AM on a Sunday night before the week even starts.

If you see a zombie on campus tomorrow, say “Hi.” I’ll appreciate it.

Song of the Week:   “The Weight of My Mistakes” — Seal

Okay, fine. I chose it because of the title, but it’s also a good tune. Check out more of Seal if you haven’t already! He’s made a whole mess of stuff from pop to soul.

And, no, I don't get the music video at all.


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