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By “Big Day,” I don’t mean anything as specific as graduation or a wedding or any life changing event like that. What I refer to are those days that you have planned for months and months in advance and have committed to, come Hell or high water.

In some people’s case, that’s a trip. In others’, a concert they are attending or performing in. The list goes on. In mine, it was a whole series, from an a cappella competition one week to Anime Boston and surgery the next.

The point is that, no matter what it is, if it takes up an entire day or more, then you will need to plan accordingly.

That means budgeting your time, which could include cutting things that you normally do or would like to do. If you have your event coming up in a week or two and you know that you have a paper or something due around that time, then you might have to skip the gym or whatever ratchet party you were hoping to attend on the weekend.

Otherwise you’ll end up like me.

You don’t want to end up like me.

It’s easy to get absorbed in preparing for “The Day” and, at least subconsciously, doing so provides a great excuse to procrastinate.

However, doing so would be a bad idea. Terrible, even.

The thing is, when “The Big Day” peeks over the horizon, you have to start treating your schedule like it’s finals week all over again.

Yup. I said it. If you have a time-consuming obligation, then you’ve got to essentially go through finals twice in one semester, if not more.

School will not make way for you, just as a job will not accommodate your bizarre schedule or your burning love for the Pumpkin Chunkin’ competition at Thanksgiving.

Still, if you manage to budget your time, work efficiently, and perhaps forget that sleep is a basic human necessity, then you can go off and take care of business or have fun as you need.

Song of the Week:
I’m not feeling terribly inspired, so here we go! The song of the week is “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Why? Because it’s pouring outside right now and it’s hard to think of anything else when the heavens come knocking on your window.




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