Love, The Old Man: No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

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You know those classes that seem like they’ll be easy? I’m sure you’ve heard of them.

In my own studies, I’ve taken a few that people have responded to with envy. They say “That sounds so cool!” or “Why do you get all these fun classes?” or “Dang, that sounds easy. Do you actually do anything?”

I’ll tell you right now that, while those first two responses are justified, the third one is NOT.

“Robinson Crusoe and Zombies” sounds easy until you’re a week in and have to write a paper relating John Locke’s and Thomas Hobbes’s political theories to Night of the Living Dead, complete with citations.

Now, this is by NO MEANS supposed to discourage you from taking these classes! Yes, you might have to do over one hundred pages of reading each week for “Sex and the Early Church,” but the subject is so engaging and bizarre that the effort is worth it.

“Victorian Monstrosity”? One of the most demanding, rewarding, and fun classes I’ve ever taken.

“Dystopian Games, Comics, and Media”? Well, that one was actually fairly easy at its core, but it was still an intellectual rollercoaster if you invested your time and mind into it!

That’s all any of school really is. As my parents and many others have said, “School is what you put into it.”

The fact is that, no matter what classes you are taking, the amount of reward you will receive is proportional to how much effort you put into them. Furthermore, this is college. After your 100-level classes, you should not expect any easy classes.

Everything here, from the most arduous sounding class to the most apparently frivolous, will reward effort. Just don’t expect a free ride, though, or else you’ll crash.

Besides, as I’ve learned from my zombies class, even the dead have to work for their dinner!


Song of the Week: “St. Augustine in Hell” has absolutely nothing to do with this week’s subject other than that the song is fun, classy, and entertaining in every way, from its musicality to its lyrics. In short, I guess it’s like class. You’ll appreciate it the more you try to understand it!



Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Commonwealth Honors College or University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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Love, The Old Man: No Such Thing As A Free Lunch | Commonwealth Honors College


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