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Memory's a funny thing. It’s entirely subjective, prone to corruption, and infamous for these failings, yet we depend upon it for, well, everything.

Everyone’s had that quarrel with their parents or friend where one party says that Doug leaned on the big red button while the other party says that Maxwell clipped the wrong wire. Either way, things went *boom* and all that’s left is the results and finding who to blame. I mean, look at some of the students here on a Saturday morning! I heard someone say that figuring out what you did the night before while on a bender is fun, like watching a movie and trying to find out what happens next, except you’re the star of the show! Personally, I think that’s overly optimistic, unhealthy, and downright ludicrous, but you get the picture.

If memory’s such a fickle thing, then why not use some other method? Oh, right. You don’t always have your phone or a notepad to make a memo. So we work with what we’ve got.

But what happens when you start taking out memories, or altering them? They warp over time, for Pan know’s what reason, but what if you were to artificially change one? Instead of remembering how some kids in elementary school teased you in good fun, what if you remembered that they had been bullying you? Instead of growing up with a fond memory, you might be a bitterer person, more defensive and more cautious of friends.

Change the memory and you change the person.

So, aside from hopefully incentivizing you guys to study a bit harder, remember this: Next time less savory matter hits the fan, either in a relationship, in school, at work, or wherever, hold off on pointing fingers or giving someone the silent treatment or spreading rumors. Chances are, someone’s memory has a corrupted file in its database and the person who’s misremembering might just be you.

Song of the Week: And now for something entirely different.
This song’s been running through my head like crazy these last few weeks and, no, the song is not “Mahna Mahna” from The Muppets.

“Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble.

The official music video won't embed, so here's the link if you want it.

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