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The first time I watched the Super Bowl, my parents and I muted the game and then turned the volume back on whenever the funny commercials returned. The next year we got bored with that and switched to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl.

Since coming to college, though, I’ve gained an appreciation for sporting events. I still don’t care about the games themselves, really, but these events are a good excuse to meet up with friends and encounter new people. Plus, they provide a great venue for venting pent up energy.

I don’t know the rules to hockey nor am I curious. However, going to a UMass hockey game is fantastic nearly every time because you get to scream your head off, dance like a monkey, chant with the crowd, and otherwise get lost in the experience. For the UMass homecoming, you can hang at the tailgate and do all sorts of stuff in an energized atmosphere. For this year’s Super Bowl, I met with a friend and then all of their mutual friends and joked and tickled each other while the game played out. Didn’t see the winning touchdown, but, hey, we were busy trying to rub chalk all over each other. Priorities.

So even if you’re like me and are indifferent toward professional sports, consider meeting up with someone for a game sometime. It’s fun, social, and you get to swear like a sailor and no one gives you a second glance for it. Good times.

Song of the Week: “We Are The Champions” by Queen.
Okay, do I even need to explain this one? Just rubbing the Pats’ win in the faces of my friends who supported the Falcons.



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