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Tis the season to be stressed and contemplating a career in flipping burgers or manning coffee shops.

Most of us have at least one class that looms over us like the angel of death. It’s that one class that we’re convinced will destroy our GPAs and thus our future. That class stares at us like a hungry lion that wants nothing more than to drag us back to their den from which we will never see the light of day or a decent paycheck.

Or at least that’s what the world is telling us to think.

The fact of the matter is that, while grades are important, especially if you’re looking into further education, employers after your first job hardly ever look at your college GPA. What matters more to them is the work you’ve done and your recommendations.

In short, that class that gives Freddy Krueger a run for his money doesn’t matter that much. Not in the long run anyhow.

This is by no means encouragement to slack off. If anything, I think that exam season is a great incentive to kick your brain into overdrive and teach you time management and work ethic. However, if unsavory substances hit the fan, just remember one thing:

You’re all right.

That’s something my father has had to tell me on multiple occasions when I feel like I’ve been kicked down and the world is pressing their foot into my back to keep me there.

And we’ve all been in that place at one point or another. There are times, either because of grades or wretched people or just bad luck, that you feel like you’ve had your teeth kicked in and that there’s nothing that can ever salvage your future or your dignity.

But that’s not true.

You can always come back from disaster. You can make things better and pain, no matter what kind, is temporary, even if it hard core sucks at the time.

These were my father’s words to me at one of those times: “You’ve taken a few hard hits and you’ve got a lot to deal with. You’ve been dealt a tough hand and, right now, things seem pretty bleak.

“But you’re all right. You’re a good kid and I know that you work hard. One way or another, you’ll get through this. You get to that other side and you can fix whatever went wrong or you can work to do better next time.”

That’s stuck with me. That one phrase “you’re all right” has started playing through my head whenever things start going down like the Hindenburg.

So yeah, exams can be a royal pain. As long as you’re not actually on fire, though, chances are that you’ll make it through and, in the end, you’ll be all right.

Song of the Week: “Daft Punk” by Pentatonix.

This song just makes me feel good and I find it strangely motivating. Maybe because the medley starts with Daft Punk’s “Stronger” or maybe because it’s just so upbeat. I don’t know. Either way, hopefully you enjoy it too.

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