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7 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a College


1. The quality of your specific program. Who cares if the school is 10th in the country if your program doesn't rank at all?


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2. The food. You’ll be eating everyday, three times a day, for four years. Enough said.


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3. The distance from home. No, you won’t want to be there every weekend, but at some point you will. Make sure you can afford the time and money it’ll take to get back home when you have and want to.


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4. Money. It’s the hard truth that college is expensive, so attending a school that is financially viable is really important.


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5. Having professors who actually teach. Everyone wants to learn from a Nobel Prize winner but you can’t if they never actually come to class to teach. Using your TA as one degree of separation doesn’t count.



6. A strong alumni network. Someone’s got to donate to those scholarship funds and give you that first job interview. They also make for excellent mentors.


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7. Can you be yourself? The four years of following the status quo in high school is long enough. Make sure wherever you go to college is a place you can express yourself fully and be exactly who you want to be.


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… And 3 Things You Don’t


1. Whether or not your friends from high school are going. The whole point is to meet new people and make new friends. (Trust us, it will be easier than you think).


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2. Prettiness of the campus. While it is nice to have matching brick buildings, you will learn to love the concrete, we promise.


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3. Whether or not it’s where you planned to go all along. Plans change, people change, dreams change - it’s all ok. Don’t let what you wanted when you were 8 define what you do when you’re 18.


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You’ve got this!

Hope to see you on campus next semester!



(Co-authored by Avery Hennigar and Zac Bears)


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