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Despite our combined 22 years of dance, neither of us has ever been really good at balance. You like to burrito yourself on the couch for days at a time and I like to think of sleep as a fun side hobby, not a necessity.


While you could argue that any certain point in the semester is the most difficult, for the purpose of this letter I’m going to say it’s now. We are still a ways away from the end (or even just spring break for that matter) and course work has amped up, work hours are increasing, and oh yeah – time to figure out housing and theses and summer internships.


In order to survive these next few weeks we need balance.


Remember that tiny balance beam Miss Michelle would have us walk across back when our ballet slippers could fit dolls’ feet? Yes it was only three inches off the ground but it was scary when you’re only two and if you fell of both your body and pride would certainly hurt.


That’s kind of how these next few weeks work. Messing up a few times won’t ruin your grade forever but it’ll be embarrassing (you know you’re better than that) and it’ll ruin your chance at a perfect grade if that’s what you were hoping for (a dangerous hope in my opinion).


Unfortunately, keeping our arms out and tummy tucked won’t help us on the balance beam of life but I know some things that might.

  1. Read Emily’s blog post on relaxation. Girl has some great tips!
  2. Commit one weekend to staying in and getting work done. Of course that can’t be next weekend since we’re skiing in North Conway but maybe the one after that?
  3. This one I take from you – watch a good movie while burrito-ed up in a blanket. Focus only on the movie. Your homework will be there when it’s over.
  4. Set attainable goals to reach before spring break. It’ll keep you on track and feeling productive.

Studying abroad also taught me plenty about balancing (a budget) too. It’s all about prioritization. Ask: what is necessary, what is important, and what is fun? From there, find a happy balance between the three.


I know. Easier said than done.


My door is always open.


See you around,



PS – At least we don’t have to worry about missing teeth this semester!

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