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Today the property management company that owns my apartment complex is coming to do three different showings of our apartment. Isn’t it crazy there are already people looking to sign over our lease in June? I swear, it was last month that Diana and I were frantically trying to get all the paperwork notarized to secure some housing for this year.

As the semester picks up its rapid descent towards Christmas, are you making sure you’re doing things besides just homework? I know, I know. That’s rich coming from me. You’re right, I do like to lock myself away for days doing work (mainly thesis writing and rewriting and rewriting get the picture) but hey, I know that’s not the best way to live life. And these next few weeks I’m really trying not to get lost in the stress.

Tonight, for example, is Friendsgiving! It’s also my abroad roommate’s birthday so we’re having a combo celebration. I’m thinking Hannah’s writer’s block pizza will be a seasonal and easy make to bring. Thursday Eliza is coming over so we can edit each other’s thesis drafts and also eat lots of junk food and paint our nails. Balance, Kate. It’s all about balance.

I will never be able to go out on a weeknight or even just bop around to different friend’s houses to hang out all the time during the week though I admire the people who can—they’re proof you can really have it all. I’m not.

You picking up what I’m putting down? This letter is not an invitation to throw responsibilities aside, leave your homework chrysalis and morph into a wild social butterfly. I’m just saying don’t be a lazy friend. Find ways to work together time into getting things done (like a trip to Target, the gym or you know, the library). This time of year is stressful. Everyone needs a friend.

Just a few more days and we’ll be home to hang with Scituate friends too. I think a breakfast sandwich filled lighthouse walk is in order.

See you soon,

PS- Check out that #tbt to last Thanksgiving!  

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