Letters to Kate - CONGRATULATIONS!

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Welcome to the UMass family! Go class of 2019!


I am so beyond excited that you chose UMass Amherst. Besides the fact that I am obsessed with this school and really wanted you to come, I think you made an excellent choice. The opportunities that the competitive nursing program offers mixed with UMass’s price means coming here is the best decision that you could have made. I have never regretted my decision to come here and I don’t think you will either. Though I do question the university's ability to handle our combined level of enthusiasm (see the above picture)...


There is so much for you to do and learn here, you’re going to do great! Well done, little sister. I am very proud.


From here on out it's smooth sailing until Spain and then on to graduation, right? If only, but you can definitely say the sailing will be at the very least smoother. Take some time to enjoy the freedom of no longer having the big college decision looming over you and then it’s back to the grindstone.


Don’t forget about finalizing summer plans and finishing up scholarship applications. And those pesky things called AP exams? Yeah, do not blow off studying for those either. UMass gives out a significant amount of credit if you score high enough. Who knows, they might put you in a positon to graduate early (but who would want to do that)?


I can’t wait for you to be here next year to take on UMass and the Valley together.






I miss you.


See you on campus soon,  



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Letters to Kate - CONGRATULATIONS! | Commonwealth Honors College


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