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Enrollment is right around the corner, you ready?


I guess as a nursing student, the answer for you is a resounding yes. Your program is small and structured. You’ve often told me that the rooms and class times are arranged so that all the nurses’ schedules can work with the classes they have to take. Plus, no one but nurses ever really enroll in nursing classes. Y’all are some lucky ducks.


As a lowly political science plebian, I’ve had to spar my way through the SPIRE enrollment arena with the rest of the common folk. Granted, being a dork in high school certainly helped as AP’s had me enrolling with second semester sophomores when I was a freshman (to any high schooler reading this, TAKE YOUR AP CLASSES SERIOUSLY!). I can’t complain much either.


As I started to fill my class “shopping cart” this weekend I was struck with the realization that this is the last time I’ll enroll as an undergraduate. I have just two classes – and a thesis – left. It's slightly terrifying.


I’m proud of the courses I’ve chosen throughout my time here and the work that I’ve completed in them. I have learned so much about the world, the law and myself. My classes here at UMass have guided me into a future I’m really excited for. I’m grateful for all the professors I’ve had along the way.


Take classes that inspire and challenge you, Kate. Take classes to really learn something. You’re going to pay for them either way, why not make it worth it?


Oh and when abroad, take a class on local folklore – best thing I ever did at UCC.


My door is always open.


See you around,



PS - Can't wait for it to be summer again and take tanned, serious faced photos with you and Teenie

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