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I’m going to be honest. Senior year of college - not as cool as senior year of high school. Way scarier and way higher stakes. But it's fine, I'm fine. One week down and things have yet to crash and burn (well, my apartment did lose WiFi day two of the semester and I've had strep for three weeks now, so...).

I’ve officially started my honors thesis endeavor. For what it's worth, as overwhelmed as I am by this project I am excited for it too. Original research is new territory for me and I’ve certainly never written anything on such a large scale. I’ll definitely be visiting Emily’s thesis blog from last year for pointers along the way.

How goes living in the CHCRC? Not too shabby, eh? You’ll soon find out that while the dorms are great, the people are even better. Please, please, please take advantage of your location and all the great events CHC puts on right in the dorms and events hall. You’ll meet some really awesome people (both socially and professionally) and get plenty of free food in the process. Hard to beat that.

I wish I had some wise tidbit of advice or hindsight for you but I think my head's still spinning from week one. I guess just don’t get behind now. Lots of people take the first two weeks of school as a gimme. That’s not how it works. Go out, have fun but also get your homework done. It’ll hurt you later if you don’t - ahem, trust me.

See you around (a.k.a. the next time I need to steal your WiFi connection),


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