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Como estas? Te encanta Madrid? El Pais Vasco?


I am so excited for you to be on the trip of a lifetime in Spain (and it looks like you're pretty excited to be there too)! You will learn so much about the language, the world, yourself – the exchange is a truly excellent way to end your high school career and to build the foundation for the next four years in college.  Don’t forget to snap chat your big sister or update Instagram every once in a while so all of us back home can live the adventure vicariously through you … kidding (sort of)!


In case you haven’t been counting down to the end of my semester like I have, I will be leaving UMass Amherst until next spring in just twelve days.  On to a summer of interning and working and reading on the beach. Just. Twelve. More. Days. As my roommate likes to say each morning as we struggle to drag our butts out of bed and to the Rec Center, “this is happening. Today is happening.”


It’s actually a pretty great mantra. When you’re standing in front of the crown jewels of Spain remind yourself, “This is happening.” When you’re surfing the waves off of the coast of Sopelana remind yourself, “This is happening.” When your hands are sweaty and shaking as you introduce yourself to your RA on move-in day next fall remind yourself, “This is happening.”


As you can see, my roomie’s catchphrase can be used in almost any situation: to remind yourself to appreciate the moment or to accept that life moves forward at a terrifying speed and all you can do is try and keep up.


In twelve days I will be half way done with my college career. In less than two weeks, the supposed “best four years of my life” will be half over. Yeah, this is happening.


On the flip side though, in twelve days I’ll be back home with you guys with a trip to Nantucket, concert at Fenway, and a semester in Ireland to look forward to. And you, you have the next big adventure, college, waiting just around the corner.


This is all happening, and it’s going to be awesome.


I miss you.


Talk to you soon,



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