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We are so close to the first long weekend of the semester I can almost taste it. I’m so so so excited. I’m headed to Boston College Friday to tailgate with Marisa (going to the actual football game is still up in the air) and then home for the weekend to do some serious laundry and research - granted, you already knew that since you’re the one dropping me off!

Long weekends are a magical time when you have extra hours to sleep and get work done but very often do neither. I’m committed to not letting that happen. My thesis and GPA cannot afford for me to. In order to avoid falling trap to the long weekend, I’ve made lists - lots of them.

Friday is going to be fun and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m working hard this week to let Friday be just fun. Trust me, when you set aside a day for no work, especially early in the weekend, it's harder to justify pushing work off till “later” since you know, you already did that.

Saturday and Sunday I need to do like 8 loads of laundry. I seriously wish that was an exaggeration. I haven't decided which day I’ll focus on my thesis and which day human trafficking and archaeology papers. I know, my academic life has gotten very weird. I’m not good at switching gears when it comes to writing so it’s gotta be a whole day of just one or the other - you’ll know which one I’ve picked based on the amount of hair I’ve pulled out by dinnertime.

Aside from cranking out insane loads of work, I also plan on watching the Red Sox and Patriots games (it’s hard work dating a sports fan) albeit on mute (it’s hard work for him dating a thesis student) and going out to dinner to catch some live Irish music at the pub in Norwell. Just tryna keep up the illusion that you can have it all.

Make your lists. Include the fun stuff. And don't forget to sleep.

See you around,

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