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If I’m going to be totally honest I’ve been avoiding writing this letter by reading the Collegian’s senior columns. They’re a cliche tradition and I’m not entirely sure if anyone other than the staff actually reads them but holy crap I think they’re amazing and they’ve got me thinking about how much I’m going to miss my friends who are graduating.

Reading the senior columns, you’ll find a common theme of thankfulness. I feel like that is an appropriate end of the year reflection and so I’m stealing it, outright. Gear up for the things I’m thankful for, babe.

I guess the one I should mention first is you. Yes, Kate. I am thankful we go to the same school. I mean who is gonna drive me to the hospital for xrays or eat my veggie burgers? I have thoroughly enjoyed going to the same school as you. You’ve made those long drives on the Mass Pike much more bearable.

I am also incredibly grateful for my roommate, Diana. I’m grateful that even though she's graduating a whole year early, she’s decided to hangout in Amherst with me as I finish out being a senior like a normal person. She’s had to live with me for two years now and signed a legally binding contract for another - that girl honestly deserves some kind of award.

Does being absolutely, insanely thankful for being able to study abroad go without staying? I could not be more grateful to mom and dad for letting me (and paying for me) to move across the Atlantic for a few months and traipse across Europe. Showing you guys around Ireland will always be one of my most treasured memories.

I know I’m not graduating (yet) but I’ve got just 7 months left until I do, can’t a girl get little nostalgic?

It's been absolutely grand, junior year. Thanks for the good craic!

My door is always open.

See you soon,

PS - Happy birthday, Mom! I know you'll get around to reading this in July.


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