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I had my first interview for my thesis this weekend! I'm happy to report it went really well. Now I just need to transcribe our half-an-hour-long conversation—and hope that more people respond to my interview requests. I cannot tell you how stressed I've been since May, wondering if I'd even have a thesis to write if no one agreed to talk to me.

In case you forgot (or chose to ignore) my ramblings to mom and dad about this project, I am studying the fathers' rights movement in Massachusetts which advocates for reform of the family law system both in-state and nationally. So far, it's proven fascinating. I have about 30 pages written so far but only a handful of those contain real, original research. That's where analysis of these interviews come in. Fingers crossed affirmative responses keep rolling in!

This semester has proven to be a whirlwind. I can't believe it's already week 4. I refuse to accept I'll have a midterm assigned in 10 days (please see Teenie and I's unenthused faces. Sorry professor, that's going to be a hard no from me).

I admit, it's been hard to balance focusing on finishing strong and also keeping an eye on the future. I personally find both all consuming, I either get so caught up in this semester's work I leave network building and career planning totally aside, or it's the total opposite. It's been a learning process for sure. I've always been good at the long-term goal stuff, it's the intermediaries that terrify me.

For now I’ll keep living my very best adult life—a.k.a. eating the apple cobbler you made for breakfast.

There will be a day when all of this craziness that is college is over. We ought to enjoy the ride (as stressful as it can be) while we can.

See you around,

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