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Dear Kate,

I’m sure you’ve gotten the “End of the Semester” checklist from residential life and a good old, “you’d better be all packed and ready to go May 6th” talk from dad. But what's a little more closing school year advice?

Start packing now. I know, I know. You’ve got finals to study for and three weeks before you move out but trust me, packing always takes waaaaaay longer than you expect it to. I like to start with packing the winter clothes I should have brought home over spring break...whoops. It’s a nice break from studying when you feel like you’ve hit a wall.

Use up your UCard debit, or save those last dollars for a final load of laundry. If you’re like me, you take for granted the funds mom and dad throw onto our UCard for laundry every month in that you never check the balance. Now is the time to make sure you have enough to keep your socks clean until the end of the semester (a.k.a cool it on the Roots Cafe quesadillas).

Tie up all loose ends. Remember that professor you never officially thanked for meeting with you to talk about your future? It's not too late for a "thank you" email. Remember your plans to get info about study abroad? Make that appointment now! That way you have the summer to think over your options. Have forms to fill out at Whitmore (or any other kind of paperwork)? Your deadline is approaching fast! When you head home for the summer you want to really be able to leave school behind for a few months.

My packing advice from abroad is to roll your clothes, not fold. Oh, and shove your socks into your shoes - they take up a ridiculous amount of space otherwise.

My door is always open.

See you around,

PS - Can’t wait to be repping our favorite school in our favorite place this summer!


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