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There are three weeks left in the semester. Do you realize that? Are you hyperventilating too?

I swear I sit down to write this letter every week and every week I’m in shock about how few weeks are left and then I get nervous and,’ve been reading these posts for years now, you know the drill. I can get myself quite worked up in under a minute (more like under 30 seconds). But this week it’s going to be different. I’m not going to panic. I’m going to take my stressors and find the positives.

  1. There are three weeks left of the semester. That’s great! I’ll kinda, sorta graduate in three weeks. I won’t have homework for at least a year in just three weeks. These are big deals. This is exciting.
  2. My thesis draft is due on Thursday. I wrote the damn thing! All 61 pages (and counting) and in just one semester. I impressed myself with what I’ve accomplished so far. The biggest hurdle has been overcome.
  3. I have lots of holiday gifts to purchase. It’s almost Christmas! I have so many friends and family to be grateful for. I’m fortunate enough to be able to celebrate this holiday season and to have the resources to make these kinds of purchases - even if my bank account isn’t the happiest about it.
  4. I have two final papers due the same day next week. Yeah this one kind of just sucks but hey, once they’re done it’ll be smooth sailing to graduation.

College is stressful and there is a weird competitive culture amongst students about who is the busiest or most stressed. Don’t buy in. Let stress motivate you and make sure you are staying busy, but don’t forget to do things with intention. Fill your schedule with and worry about things that matter, that have a point, that will make you a better person academically, professionally or beyond.

Stay positive, kid. You’ve got 5 more semesters of this. And from what I can tell thus far, what comes after those semesters is just as scary.

See you around,

PS - Check out Beth and I being cute as all heck last weekend. Oh, to be in fifth grade again.

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