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So you got into the Honors College – remember when you said you wanted to walk down an entirely different path than me? Just kidding, nursing is an entire world apart from political science and legal studies. Besides, I can’t blame you for wanting a chance at the beautiful honors dorms and to write a thesis. In all honesty, I’m very excited for you and very proud. Once again, you’ve done good kid.


What’s next? You’ve already texted me this morning asking where the CHC Events Hall is, so I’m guessing you have an information/orientation meeting of sorts coming up? Have you made an appointment with an advisor? You should definitely do that too. I wouldn’t call Honors requirements overwhelming but they have a habit of sneaking up on you. Take it from someone with only one semester left after this one – go to advising and go frequently.


I no longer regret keeping my Ideas that Change the World books around. As a freshman I wasn’t quite savvy enough to rent. Let me know when you need them and they’ll be yours. Please don’t mind the overambitious highlighting – I’ve improved since then, I promise.


Now I know that deciding to apply to CHC wasn’t an easy decision. The nursing program at UMass is incredibly intensive on its own. With that said though, I think you’ve made an excellent choice. Being part of CHC means having even more opportunities.


I think your acceptance fits well with this week’s lesson from abroad – I’m sure you timed that purposefully. While in Ireland, I learned how to say yes to more things. Living in a foreign country puts you completely out of your comfort zone which can be daunting. But at the same time, it makes doing other daunting (and exciting) things easier. You’re already terrified, so why not keep going? That sounds extreme, but you get my point. Yes joining CHC seems daunting, but it’s a challenge worth taking.


My door is always open.


See you around,


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