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Hey everyone!  My name is Meagan Fleming and I am a Junior at UMass!  I am a Commonwealth Honors College student double-majoring in French and English and minoring in Latin.  I also work as an honors college peer advisor and a resident assistant.  


The other day I attended the Commonwealth Honors College’s Sweet Tooth Soirée—and it was a blast!  Every year CHC hosts this event in the Goodell 504 lounge so that honors students from around campus can mingle over tasty treats.  I came early to help set up with some of the honors peer advisors, the honors program coordinator, and one of the graduate assistants.  We had some fun chatting, cutting frozen bananas, and preparing the cupcakes and the ice cream before the four o’clock rush of students came into Goodell. 


And boy, was it a rush.  Students came in consistent packs of about twenty students at a time, all of them craving the sugary sweets we had set up on the tables in the lounge.  From 4-6,  everyone was having a blast, from first-years to seniors, including those of us who were working!  I saw a group of juniors decorating cupcakes (a personal favorite activity of mine!), while some first-years made towering ice cream sundaes.  Another group of sophomores had fun making chocolate fondue, while still others just walked around, taking a handful of candy or fruit here or there.  The staff was right on, making sure that everyone had enough options to put on their ice cream or dunk in the chocolate fountain (which enjoyed spilling chocolate ALL OVER the table cloth and people’s papers!). 


At the beginning of the soirée, we thought that we may have a few leftovers to put in the fridge and eat tomorrow; but, during the soirée, we were afraid that we would not have enough food for everyone who was coming in!  I think that this year’s Sweet Tooth Soirée was very much of a success, and I hope that the same will be true for the next year!




To learn more about Commonwealth Honors College programs and events (such as Pizza and Prof, Weekly Wednesday Workshops, etc.) check your UMail account for updates or visit the Events Calendar on the CHC website at!


See more photos from the event on the CHC Facebook page


Great post, Meag! It was nice to see you there! :)


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