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Midterms. Midterms, midterms, midterms. Sweet midterms! It feels surreal that we are already halfway through the semester. We only have seven weeks of classes left! It’s that time of year where everyone is trying to make it through the halfway mark and push through to the end of the semester.

I get easily stressed out during midterm season because it’s hard to keep track of whose test is when and what essay is due. But I have some tips I follow that allow me to survive.

First is staying positive. It’s important to keep positive vibes and energy within your life, because it’s easy to lose focus when you’re despondent and worried. Your mental health is of the utmost importance. I would suggest always finding ways to relax, whether that’s working out at the Recreational Center, or watching a movie, or stopping by the Center for Psychological Counseling. Having a clear head will allow you to truly focus on the tasks at hand.

Another important tip in order to survive midterms is to rest! Procrastination is my best friend, I must admit. I tend to study and work on projects til the last minute because my schedule just gets so hectic, being that I’m working on two majors, a certificate, and an honors thesis. Now, I know it’s hard to find the time to sleep during this season, but even finding a time during the day to nap is worthwhile. Catch up on some sleep over the weekends. Try to refrain from activities that you don’t NEED to do so you can catch some Zzzz’s.

During midterm season, sometimes I forget to eat. But food should be one of your best friends! There are lots of super foods out there that help your brain stay strong and active, such as apples, bananas, oranges, avocados, blueberries, broccoli, celery, coconut oil, and dark chocolate. Buzzfeed has a great list of power snacks to eat while studying. It’s okay if coffee is your go-to, but make sure not to drink too much so you don’t get jittery and lose focus while preparing for your midterms.

My last tip is to just always remember that after midterms, life goes on. Don’t get so caught up in what grade you’re going to get and whether you’re going to pass or fail. Be confident in yourself and just keep living life. You have the rest of the semester to focus on your grades, so don’t stress over midterms. You’ll get through it! Godspeed.


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