A UMass Amherst Survival Guide: 5 Tips to Make It Through the Winter

What’s that I hear? The sweet sound of snow falling ever so lightly. It seems like we’re finally starting to get some heavy snow! Some students really appreciate this kind of weather, because they get to have campus wide snowball fights and relax with a day of cancelled classes. But if you’re like me, odds are you’re bed-ridden, watching Netflix, jealous of everyone around you who doesn’t have the flu (except for my roommates, who I got sick). Whatever you’re feeling, make sure you’re prepared! Because if you don’t know by now, New England weather is so unpredictable.


1. Get a heavy duty coat.

It’s super easy to continue into the winter season with your light fall jacket that you already have, but you’ll be regretting it when you’re walking to class through one of those wind tunnels, AND it’s snowing at the same time. You can get some nice coats for cheap online at places like Amazon or even Macy’s. If you can, invest in something you can use next year! For those ballers out there, get a Canada Goose (and maybe get me one too).

2. Accessories!

No, I’m not talking about jewelry, I’m talking about more snow gear! I hate when any part of my body is cold so I stock up on all accessories—gloves, scarves, earmuffs, hats, fuzzy socks. If you have only certain parts of your body that get cold, make sure to get some snow gear to keep you warm, along with your heavy duty coat.

3. Layers, layers, and MORE LAYERS.

If your finances are looking a little frazzled, like most college students, then prioritize. Can’t get that coat you want? Then layer up. Wear lots of sweaters and cardigans, so when you go inside a really warm building, you can remove some of them. I always wear leggings under my jeans when it gets cold out. Lots of layers will make you feel like a warm toasty burrito, and who doesn’t love a good burrito?

4. Snow boots!

If you said no to my first three tips, then please please PLEASE, for the love of snow, get yourself a pair of snow boots or snow shoes. UMass is so big, and it can take some time for the snow plows to clear the streets and walkways, and put salt on the ice. Traversing this campus without snow boots can be quite difficult. You’ll feel great when you’re stomping through life in your new snow boots, and you can’t feel hypothermia traveling through your toes. Again, I always recommend checking out Amazon, or Macy’s.

5. Be prepared.

I know it can seem like the snow comes and goes, but you never know when you’ll be snowed in for more than 24 hours. If you can anticipate a snow date, stock up on snacks and groceries, especially if you live off campus like me. Most places won’t deliver if the roads aren’t clear, and you don’t want to starve while watching your friends eat on Snapchat. And be prepared to get back in the swing of things once classes resume. Some teachers may even give their students at home assignments if they know you have internet access. So check your emails and Moodle, and be ready to get back to work!

Safe travels, and happy trails!

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A UMass Amherst Survival Guide: 5 Tips to Make It Through the Winter | Commonwealth Honors College


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