• Kate,   I can feel myself growing up. I legitimately feel like I’m becoming an adult which I know sounds so weird but bear with me. College changes everyone and I’m getting … old.   Being an adult in college means transferring prescriptions and making doctors’ appointments on your own, it means applying for (and paying for) a new passport. The weird pseudo-adulthood of college means being able to have Girl Scout Cookies for dinner but choosing not to (though they will most definitely be eaten for dessert).   The other day I was going through some study abroad paperwork and... Read More
  • Dear Kate,   Waking up to the weather app telling me it’s -17 degrees out has become part of my morning routine so I thought I’d choose a picture reminiscent of warmer days. Oh, to be back at the Beyoncé concert, in tank tops and shorts with tanned (ok, slightly sunburned) skin. Summer will come eventually – I hope.   As we await summer’s return, I’m actually starting to make plans for the fall. Hopefully, I will be studying in Cork, Ireland next semester!   I have wanted to participate in study abroad since forever. I am so beyond excited for this opportunity. While the... Read More
  • Kate,   It's scholarship application season here on campus and let me tell you - the need, the want, the struggle - it’s all very real. I keep thinking of the Mama Mia song “Money, Money, Money” and yeah, it must be funny in a rich man’s world. Too bad, I’m currently living in a broke college student’s world with plans to study abroad and go to law school. Scholarships are gold, quite literally.    From trying to make your Dining Dollars last all semester to being able to afford that summer class, money makes everyone a little tense (and as I'm sure you've noticed from the... Read More
  • Kate, You got into UMass! And the nursing program too! Congratulations, the long college process is over – at least almost. The work heavy part is, now it’s all about decisions and I’m here to help. With nine schools to choose between, since you got into every one you applied to (if your big sister can’t brag for you, who can?), there are a lot of things to consider. Here are my 3 pieces of advice…for now: Make the right decision for you. Everyone has different dreams, majors, and bank accounts. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for you. I know that... Read More
  • Kate,   So I may or may not have stolen your beige cable knit sweater over Thanksgiving break. And by may or may not, I mean I definitely stole your beige cable knit sweater over Thanksgiving break.  Mom called to ask me if I knew where it was, I do.  I’ll bring it home, I promise.   I know you’re still waiting to hear back from UMass and to be perfectly honest, if you come here, you’ll often find yourself “still waiting for UMass”. It’s a big school with a lot of students, and administrators, and offices. Things take a while, but in my (absolutely biased) opinion it’s... Read More
  • Letters to Kate Hello all! This is the first in a series of letters I will be posting to the Honors InSight blog.  These letters are addressed to my sister Kate (a real life high school senior, pictured front right along with myself and our other two sisters) and hopefully they will provide both insight and hindsight on the college application process and college experience in general.  Kate, You’re going to college! And as of last Saturday, you could be going to one you actually want to go to, a major plus.  I know you are anxiously awaiting your UMass decision letter... Read More
  • When I got my letter from UMass in December of my senior year of high school, I remember reading the first sentence that said I was accepted, and then not reading any further. I was just so glad I had gotten in that I had failed to notice, in the next paragraph of that letter, that I had also been accepted into the Commonwealth Honors College (CHC).   It wasn’t even until the next day that my mom pointed it out to me. I was so excited and proud that my application had stood out enough that I had not only been accepted to the university, but to its prestigious honors... Read More
  • My sister, a senior in high school and a prospective UMass Amherst student, visited me at the University over Homecoming Weekend.  As I got off the elevator on the 23rd floor of the W.E.B. Du Bois library to show her the incredible view of campus it offers, I was reminded of the many informational sessions I hosted over the summer for prospective students.   This past summer, I worked as a Peer Ambassador for Commonwealth Honors College.  In addition to performing reception duties, I met with prospective students and their families to provide them with an overview of CHC... Read More