Honors InSight: Food

  • After many lectures and an increasing number of vegans popping up in my life, I've been dabbling in veganism. By dabbling, I mean I went vegan for one week at the beginning of the year, and now I try for vegan Wednesdays (but often forget and eat a muffin for breakfast). I don’t know if I’ll go full vegan (because I’m not even a vegetarian now), but I am going to try to eat vegan more days a week while I’m at UMass. This is partially because my roommate and two other friends here are vegan, and it’s hard to listen to them tell me everything that’s wrong with the meat and ... Read More
  • I have a theory that on any given day, somewhere on this campus, you can find free pizza. Whether it's a Pizza Prof right here in CHC, a special event, or a weekly meeting of a campus club, there is almost always pizza to be found. Check out the Events Calendar and Campus Pulse to see for yourself! In college, you'll find pizza everywhere, but on Friday, my friends and I decided to make our own from scratch! We all hung out in my kitchen as we rolled out the dough, chopped up veggies, and grated cheeses. We played Italian music on Spotify, just for fun, until we switched... Read More
  • It's the first day of my last semester, and I keep thinking of everything as the "last-first." Like, it's my last First Day of New Classes! My last First Meal Back on Campus! Hopefully, I break out of this habit or it could be a long thirteen weeks.  I'm really looking forward to this final semester of college and soaking up everything CHC and UMass have to offer. I'm especially excited to take some food and cooking-related classes, like the course Food, History and Cultural Identity in Italy, and an Honors seminar called Exploring Chinese Culture Through Tea. On such a... Read More
  • This past weekend was my last of the semester at UMass! It was a busy one with plenty of homework and final papers to do, but on Sunday, I took a trip up to the Montague Book Mill with a few of my friends. It was a much-needed study break! During the semester, I never seem to have the chance to read as much as I'd like to, so I was hoping to find some good books before winter break. The Book Mill was the perfect place to stop. About twenty minutes or so from campus, it's home to a huge collection of affordable, used books, with plenty of comfy chairs to read in and big... Read More
  • How is it that Thanksgiving break is only a few days away? Time is flying! There's always a lot going on in November and a lot of things to plan for. This week I'm thinking about traveling home for the holiday, putting together a Friendsgiving here at school and, of course, choosing classes for next semester.  Course selection is in full swing now. As a senior, that means I've enrolled in classes for the last time at UMass! As I put together my schedule for next spring, I thought about Marie's advice for choosing courses. How do I want to spend my last semester in college... Read More
  • I think that we’ve all suffered loss. It might have been a favorite uncle, your grandparents, the dog; any number of things. It happens to almost all of us and almost all of us say that we feel the same thing. When loss hits, there’s a hollowness in your chest. Everything is muted for a while. Colors, touch, music, everything. It all seems less vibrant and that, in itself, can make the feeling worse. For some people, the best way of dealing with this is by taking time to themselves, maybe to reflect, maybe to distract themselves, maybe to hold themselves together. My... Read More
  • "Make the most of it while you can!" As a senior in college, I've heard this advice so many times. It's a nice idea, but also a little nerve-wracking. How can you possibly make every moment count? For me, "making the most" of college doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but instead, it's trying to notice and enjoy the good things whenever I can. This week marks the end of October, so I'm trying to appreciate this great time of year. Western Massachusetts is a perfect place to enjoy all things fall, and this may be my last chance to take it all in! On campus, there's... Read More
  • As soon as it's October, I hear "mid-semester" everywhere, and it always sneaks up on me. I feel like I only just adjusted to my classes and schedule. I finally figured out which bus to catch in the mornings, and when I can meet up with friends for lunch. I don't want to think that it's halfway done already!  But mid-semester really is approaching, and so are all the midterm assignments. October gets busy with homework, essays, quizzes, and exam review sessions. I have a pretty full couple of weeks ahead, especially since I fell behind this weekend. I went home to spend... Read More
  • "How's your thesis going?"  After three years of asking questions, thinking about, and planning for my thesis, I'm finally in the middle of it. So far, so good! The Honors thesis can certainly feel a little intimidating at times, but it's also exciting to work on a project of my choice after years of Gen Eds and other required classes. Many of my friends have chosen to do an individually-contracted thesis, which means that they created their own proposal for their research, found a faculty member to be their sponsor, and are now accomplishing it on their own, outside of... Read More
  • Was it really three years ago that I moved into my first dorm room? College is funny because it flies by so fast, but at the same time, I think I feel about a hundred years older than the lanyard-carrying freshman from three years ago. My first few days in my dorm in CHC were a blur of excitement and nerves. Was I in the right major? How was I going to find friends, an internship, a job? There's something so fun and scary about that time, when there's so much waiting ahead and you truly don't know what's next. Sometimes I wish I could start it all again, and sometimes I... Read More


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